Interview 32

Age at interview: 59
Age at diagnosis: 56
Brief Outline: Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1998. Had a lumpectomy and was given radiotherapy, chemotherapy and Tamoxifen.

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Describes her disbelief on hearing that she had cancer.

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Describes her disbelief on hearing that she had cancer.

When they said to me that I have cancer, in fact I wept like a child.

But I thought' "Why it's me, why me, why, why, what person? "I'm having arthritis, this blood pressure and this too, why?" So I wept.

And the doctor said' "Don't weep, I'll save your life." It was Dr [name], that was my consultant you know. He said' "I'll save your life." He said' "I'll cut the whole breast." I said' "What!?"

So in fact that day I wept.

So they gave me, they said, I told them I'm doubting. I don't think what they are saying is true so they should do, continue doing, so they said they would do another examination. So it was three, three days, I had the injection, then second one and third one.

And then they said' "[Name] you have to accept that it's cancer." So what else can I do? There's nothing I can do. And so I accepted it.
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