Caring for someone with a terminal illness

Profiles - Caring for a spouse or partner with cancer

Maggie & Donald ' Interview 01

Maggie was married to Donald for 33 years. She has 2 step-children and 5 grandchildren. Maggie was a medical secretary. Ethnic background' White British.

Janet & Chris ' Interview 02

Janet is a self-employed classical musician and conductor. Janet was married to Chris for three and a half years. Ethnic background' White British.

Brian & Linda ' Interview 04

Brian is a retired from his job as cabin services director for a national airline. He is married to Linda and they have no children. Ethnic background' White British.

Lesley & David ' Interview 05

Lesley has been married to David for 19 years. She has 2 adult children and 2 adult step-children. Lesley is a self-employed teacher. Ethnic background' White British.

John & Joyce ' Interview 10

John is a widower and has 4 grown up children. He is a retired marketing manager. His ethnic background is white British.

Mary & John ' Interview 11

Mary is a retired teacher and an artist. She is a widow with 2 adult children. Ethnic background' White British.

Julie ' Interview 14

Julie is a part-time teacher. Ethnic background' Ashkenazi Jewish/ North West African.

Henry & Jane ' Interview 15

Henry is a political advisor and is single with 3 adult children. Ethnic Background' White British.

Val & Fred ' Interview 24

Val is widowed and has three daughters. She works as an estate manager. Ethnic background' White British.

Keith & Pat ' Interview 29

Keith is a widower with three adult children. He is a retired Director of Human Resources. Ethnic background' White British.

David & Fiona ' Interview 35

David is a hydrologist (senior consultant). He is a widower and has two children. Ethnic background/Nationality' White British.

Simon & Karen ' Interview 37

Simon is a teacher. He is a widower and has two children. Ethnic background/nationality' White British.

Victoria & Hugh ' Interview 41

Victoria is a retired teacher. She is married with three grown up children. Ethnic background' White British.
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