Caring for someone with a terminal illness


Fiona Barlow

Fiona Barlow is a medical sociologist and counsellor. She is a National Cancer Action Team research fellow working in the Health Experiences Research Group. She and Julie Evans conducted the interviews and did the data analysis. 

Julie Evans

Julie Evans is an experienced qualitative researcher who has worked on Healthtalkonline studies for over ten years, primarily in cancer. She and Fiona Barlow conducted the interviews and did the analysis. 

Advisory Panel

Chair: Sue Ziebland
Health Experiences Research Group, University of Oxford
Amy Bowen
Assistant Director, Marie Curie Cancer Care (until April 2011) 
Gerry Mahaffey
Head of Carers Services and Engagement, Marie Curie Cancer Care  
Bridget Candy
Cochrane Research Fellow, Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Unit 
Richard Lehman
GP, Oxford (until April 2011)
Helen Salisbury
GP, Oxford 
Marilyn Kendall
Senior Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh Medical School
Michael Minton
Honorary Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Oxford 
Stephanie Stott
Specialist Social Worker, Sobell House Hospice, Oxford 
Tim Dale
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Sobell House Hospice, Oxford
Jenny Leitch
Head of Partnerships & External Relations, Crossroads Care
Saba Qureshi
Carer representative 
Lesley Roberts
Carer representative

Thanks to all those who were interviewed, to those who helped us recruit participants, to our advisory panel and to our research assistants, Abi Eccles and Kate Neal, who helped with data management and project delivery, and to Kristina Bennert, Carol Dumelow and Clare Mortimer for help with topic summaries.

Supported by:
Marie Curie

Grant holders:
Julie Evans
Sue Ziebland
Ann McPherson

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