Profiles - Age of diagnosis 50-59

Gloria - Interview 06

Married; worked as a shop manager but retired last year. She wrote to the Health Minister explaining that she had been waiting almost a year to have a DXA scan.

Laurence - Interview 07

Laurence works in a dairy farm, is married with two adult children. His mother had osteoporosis and his brother has the condition. He was thinking about early retirement or part-time work.

Susan - Interview 11

Susan lives on her own but her daughter lives in the next village. Susan's mother had osteoporosis. She would like more information on non-drug based treatments for osteoporosis

Marylin - Interview 12

Divorced; works as a legal secretary. She has always been very sporty but now her exercise routine is aimed at enabling her to maintain mobility and flexibility in old age.

Dennis - Interview 13

Dennis is married and has two adult children. He has had depression for over twenty year. He said he is very lucky because he has the support of his family, GP and consultants.

Jenny - Interview 17

Jenny is married and has one adult son. She was aware of osteoporosis before diagnosis because for many years, she has had a dairy-free diet due to ME and other allergies.

Iris - Interview 24

Married; two daughters. Iris has recently retired and says that it is in denial about her osteoporosis because this was supposed to be her 'me time'.

Pat - Interview 32

Pat is married, a retired nurse and has three adult sons. Pat has been very active on her local support group and has campaigned to change attitudes about osteoporosis and improve prevention.

Rose - Interview 33

Married with two adult daughters; retired secretary. Her involvement with a support group provided her with knowledge about osteoporosis and has helped her come to terms with the condition.

Keith - Interview 38

Keith works full-time as a statistician and he is also a concert pianist; single. He was aware of breast cancer in men but thought that osteoporosis affected women only.

Margery - Interview 40

Margery is married and has two adult children. She is a retired college lecturer. She served as chairman of a local group in Scotland for nine years and a trustee of NOS for five years.
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