Profiles - Age of diagnosis 60-69

Cressida - Interview 01

Cressida lives by herself but her daughter who lives nearby visits her regularly. She describes herself as 'fiercely independent'. She needs help with cleaning the house and with washing her hair.

Valerie - Interview 03

Works as a freelance interpreter. To include walking into her daily routine she uses public transport. On average she walks around seven miles or more per week.

Beryl - Interview 05

Beryl is a retired factory worker; she lives alone and is restricted in what she can do around the house but a friend helps her.

Elizabeth - Interview 09

Elizabeth regularly travels abroad to see family and says that osteoporosis hasn't stopped her from having an active life and that she only thinks about her condition when she fractures a bone.

Joan - Interview 10

Joan is a widow with three adult children. She lived abroad and worked as a radio presenter and as a teacher. She does voluntary work and drives to the continent.

Christine - Interview 18

Christine is a retired financial journalist. She loves music and attends concerts regularly. Christine has hemiplegia, a chronic condition that has much reduced her mobility and dexterity

Clare - Interview 20

Clare is a physiotherapist and since diagnosis decided to work part-time. She is determined to exercise everyday and makes sure she keeps a high calcium intake.

Linda - Interview 21

Married; two grown up sons; works part-time. She is a keen gardener but since diagnosis she regularly does weight bearing exercises. Maternal history of osteoporosis.

Neville - Interview 26

Neville is married, has two sons and he is a retired Head porter. He is grateful for all the support his wife, sons and grandchildren give him.

Sarah - Interview 27

Retired NHS ward clerk, married. Sarah had an early menopause at the age of forty-two and a hysterectomy. Nationality/ethnic background' white British

Shelia - Interview 29

Married with six grown up children, worked part-time as a domestic but took early retirement due to ill health. Two of her daughters have also been diagnosed with the condition.

Victoria Iris - Interview 30

Retired deputy head of a large secondary school; widow, regularly attends exercise classes and a tea dance session every week. Victoria Iris has been an active volunteer of the National Osteoporosis Society for many years.

Ann - Interview 35

Retired nurse, married with two adult children. She is an active member of both the osteoporosis and coeliac disease support groups and says that she is having a 'very busy retirement'.
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