Rheumatoid Arthritis

Profiles - Disease duration 0-5 years

Interview 01

Pensions administrator, reduced hours to part time. Diagnosed whilst living at home now cohabiting. No children but considering for future.

Interview 07

Housewife, retired air stewardess, married with one child.

Interview 12

Chartered mechanical engineer, married with one adult child. Member of several arthritis organisations, an Expert Patient for NRAS and attended 'Challenging Arthritis' workshops.

Interview 18

Self-employed carpet fitter who has had to reduce work to part time since onset of RA. Married with two adult children.

Interview 20

Cleaner, married with one daughter and 2 step-children.

Interview 24

No details given.

Interview 28

Retired secretary, widowed with 3 adult children. Lives in bungalow.

Interview 35

Part-time catering, married with one adult child.

Interview 37

Financial administrator, married with no children.

Interview 38

Child minder, married with 2 children

Interview 39

Housewife/mother (previously nanny), married with one child.

Interview 45

Partner' Full time Chartered surveyor, married with one child aged 2.

Interview 48

Partner' Pensions administrator, lives with partner, no children.

Kate - Interview 52

Kate lives with her partner and works full-time as a sales consultant. Says that her partner and the nurses at the clinic provided the emotional support she needed when she was very ill. Ethnic background/nationality' White British.

Charlotte - Interview 55

Charlotte is a full time teacher and just before diagnosis she applied for a post in a school in her home town. She has moved back in with her parents.

Janet - Interview 56

Janet lives with her husband. She was told by her doctor to stop working as a horticulturalist because tasks such as digging and heavy lifting were affecting her condition. Ethnic background/Nationality' White.

Georgina - Interview 57

Georgina lives at home with her husband and son and describes both of them as caring and supportive. She can no longer drive and feels she has lost her independence. Ethnic background/Nationality' White

Linda - Interview 60

Linda is divorced and has a 19 years old daughter who is in her first year at university. Linda is a civil servant and works full-time. Ethnic background' British.

Emma - Interview 61

Emma lives with her partner. She is a nurse and does full-time shift work in a hospital ward. Her feet and knees have been affected by RA but since starting Cimzia (certolizumab pegol), Emma's level of pain has been significantly reduced. Ethnic background' White British.

Sandra - Interview 63

Sandra is a nurse and until her diagnosis worked full-time. Her initial treatment was not controlling her rheumatoid arthritis so she had to go part-time. She is divorced and has three children.Ethnic background' British- White.
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